Proactive Defense Strategy Guide for Nuclear and Biological Accidents, Terrorism and Attacks

There is corresponding information provided for public consumption. This site provides links to discounted packages for military, members of congress,  federal, and other government agency personnel. There was not time to implement a formal verification process so please use only as intended.

You were provided this link as a courtesy to the essential personnel, their families and friends. The information and the supplies offered are not part of an officially sanctioned program and are not   the result of a formal directive from any agency or executive order therefore are not subject to any protocols, policy, regulations or requirements.

If you have any questions please refer to your department heads, commanding officer, or management personnel.

This should not be construed as an alarm  or any increase in the level of imminent threat.

We  recommend that you do not wait to make preparations. As awareness grows these items may become short in supply. There is not enough to supply everyone during the 6 month window. There is no preference given to any group or individual regarding delivery. First come first served. There is as an alternate link to another supplier of these individual items.





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