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Internet Intelligence Resources: Financial Markets

Bloomberg Business News

International news focusing on finance and markets. Includes economic indicators and statistics on fund performance

CNN Financial Network

Current financial news, market data and an industry information from CNN. Also includes a free customized news service.

Corporate Financials Online

Financials on a variety of mostly smaller companies (about 75% are technology oriented.) Also includes a collection of links to business news sources.

Daily Market Reports

Daily market reports, back issues of the Profit Letter (Selected company news and speculation on growth potential) additional stock/finance information.

Financial Times

Register for free and gain access to more than 80.000 pages of international business news, commentary and analysis, including headlines and market data.


A list of links to more than 60 brokerage firms.

Internet Finance

The best collection of links to the following topics: Banking, commodities, financial directories, insurance, organizations, SEC, stock markets.


Free U.S. and Canadian SEC filings for over 10,000 public companies, divided into over 80 industries.


Extensive internet directory for investors, including links to over 8,000 investing sites in 89 categories. Also includes tools for investors and market commentary.

Market Data

Quotes on stocks, options, commodity futures, mutual funds, bonds. Also: business news, market analysis, commentary, profiles. Also a source for Reuters news.

Market Guide Investor site

Up-to-date financial information, including industry updates.

Mutual Fund Data

Investment site with news and helpful information concerning stocks, bonds, mutual funds, plus links to electronic trading sites. Also features a portfolio tracker, 20-minute delay stock quotes, plus fairly detailed company profiles extracted from SEC Filings.

Securities and Exchange Commission

Offers 10K and other reports filed by public companies.

Stock Exchange Sites

Yahoo's list of worldwide stock exchange sites.


Market updates, news headlines, splits and dividends, currency exchange rates and more. Create a free, private portfolio at this site also.

US Research Library

Financial, including news by topic or industry, market roundup and an industry overview covering over 50 industries, and mutual fund information.

World Stock Exchanges

Links to over 140 Stock exchanges in the world.

Collected together at this site are a vast array of links to finance/investment-related sites, including stock markets, exchange rates, finance software, business schools, information and news services, and an online bookstore associated with