Internet Resources By Industry: Healthcare

          Headline News

Healthcare news service covering over 150 news topics, including biotechnology, clinical trials, the pharmaceutical industry, companies and regulations.

Health and Medical Information

Health and medical information but also contains links to manufacturer press releases and product approval sites.

Healthcare Industry

Daily top stories and links to healthcare-related topics and companies.


Links to over 30 healthcare-related sites, from journals and publications to government resources.

Mayo Health Clinic Health Oasis

A newsstand with current health news, resources, including the O@sis library and cancer, asthma and allergy, and heart centers.

Medical Organizations Guide

Healthcare information including institutes, organizations, and hospitals.

National Coalition on Health Care

Full-text articles, press releases, reports, and speeches from the U.S. alliance composed of businesses, consumers and health-care providers who want to improve the health care system.

Physicians Online

Physicians online site uniting physicians, managed health care organizations and pharmaceutical companies. Access limited to U.S physicians and other prescribing healthcare professionals.

Reuters Health Information

Subscription-based health and medical news. Also includes a news archive and a drug database.


Links to current and government health news, online publications, clearinghouses, databases, and support and self-help groups.


Healthcare news, electronic journals, statistics, and contact information for federal, state and local health agencies and nonprofit and professional associations.