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Internet Intelligence Resources: Information Services


A commercial source for company financials and company information.

Dow Jones Interactive

Top-notch information (plus alerting) service with easy-to-use interface. Content derives from 6,000 publications around the globe, brokerage house and market research reports.

Dun and Bradstreet

Business background reports on companies ($20.00 by credit card).

FT Profile

A commercial source for company financials and company information.

Industry Information

Highly rated commercial service providing company and industry information, news, and new products/services resources. Fee-based, but some free information available.

Knowledge Express

A search will yield key contacts, potential partners, market information, patent information, new products concepts and more. Fee-based service that draws information from a variety of copyrighted database services.

Lexis-Nexis Universe

Universe offers web-based access to much of the information found in the full-fledged Lexis-Nexis service, including periodicals and much legal/legislative material.

Northern Light

Excellent new low-cost online database vendor serves up high-value publications along with a simultaneous Web search. Business, technical, and general interest periodicals are included at this advanced, yet easy-to-search site.


Business Browser offers intuitive access to comprehensive corporate and industry information, including company profiles, news, SEC filings, business and trade articles, research reports, executive profiles, industry intelligence and financial data.


A new low-cost information service aimed at the competitor and business intelligence markets. A search on a company name retrieves articles from more than 1,000 business journals--organized in easy-to-use categories such as market share, strategy, ad budget product development and much more.


Fee based (fax delivery) article/document locator and delivery service for more than 8,800,000 articles dating back to 1988. Journal name, article title, author, date and summary are included in a search of Uncover's 17,000 multidisciplinary publications.