Internet Intelligence Resources:


Internet Intelligence Resources: Search Engines/Tools/Directories

Site features a collection of search engines covering almost any topic, including people, news, world wide web, reference, publications and more.

Alta Vista

One of the largest and most powerful search engines; particularly useful for complicated searches. Also offers a free translation service, a full-text index of Usenet newsgroup archives and a business and residential telephone directory.

Ask Jeeves

Ask questions in natural language and identify web sites that might have the answer

Direct Search

This page compiles links to over 800 specialized and other interactive tools for finding information traditional search engines can't uncover.


Highly rated meta search engine consisting of 13 WWW Search engines, 6 Usenet sources, and 2 FTP archives.

EINet Galaxy Directory:

EINet Galaxy: subject catalog and search tools.


Highly rated search engine featuring Boolean searching, relevancy ranking, and alternative word suggestions. The power search page offers powerful advanced searching by structuring a Boolean search with fill-in boxes.


Tips on how to conduct an effective search using web search utilities (Excite), meta search utilities (MetaCrawler), Usenet search utilities (AltaVista), web directories (Yahoo) and internet resource directories (e-mail addresses).

Finding People on the Net

This site offers a collection of tools to locate an individual's email address, phone number, or street address. Also offers resources for locating U.S. and European businesses and organizations.


Google will bring you directly to the most popular websites (based on number of incoming links).


Highly rated search engine for Web or Usenet groups. HotBot ranks results for relevancy, allows complex searches in a simple interface. Allows for specific searches in:: classifieds, domain names, discussion groups, shareware, e-mail addresses, audio recordings and visual images.


Infoseek (includes Usenet newsgroups and non-internet databases) Offers additional databases for low fee, including wire services.

Internet Resource Guide Directory:

The Argus Clearinghouse is a categorized rated directory of business, technical and personal sites on the Internet.

Internet Sleuth

The Internet Sleuth (search tool) "A collection of over 900 searchable databases on the internet on a wide variety of subjects."

Listserv Searcher

Search more than 26,000 lists, worldwide, to find electronic mailing lists on subjects of interest.

Livelink Pinstripe

Internet search engine designed specifically for the business user with slicing technology that allows the user to go directly to a particular business topic.


A well regarded search engine offers a rating system (the top 5% of Web sites) helping to retrieve more valuable information. Also features a $20 Dun & Bradstreet report and the ability to search the Web for sounds and pictures.


One of the best meta search engines, this one allows searching for an exact phrase and offers a single interface for nine search engines, including AltaVista, Infoseek, Lycos and Excite.

Newest Internet Resources

Highlights the newest internet resources and announcements "verified for substantial content and accessability..."

Northern Light

Excellent new low-cost online database vendor serves up high-value publications along with a simultaneous Web search. Business, technical, and general interest periodicals are included at this advanced, yet easy-to-search site.

Search Engine Showdown

Summaries, reviews, and comparisons of the search features and database scope of Internet search engines and finding aids.


This site is a business strategy information directory and search engine. Featured are categories such as competitive intelligence, journals, management news, executive education, and "big thinkers" (Michael Porter, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Gary Hamel).

Telephone Directories

Telephone Directories on the Web (International)

Web Site Rankings Directory:

Point Communications. Commercial site featuring web site reviews: "Top 5% of All Web Sites" rankings. Contains an excellent list of newspapers on the web.


Webcrawler. Document content-based retrieval in addition to title and URL.


One of the largest and most popular Internet directories, Yahoo! also sports a useful search engine. An excellent, vast site with multiple uses such as searches for job postings, company listings, news, etc.