Internet Resources By Industry: Automotive

American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA)

International automobile industry information, including sales and production figures, and employment statistics, and several sources of current and archived news.

Auto-Links Trade Page

Links to associations, suppliers, news, and automotive company home pages.

The Auto Authority is a daily publication from the Detroit Free Press with all the motor news from motown.


News releases and highlights for the automotive industry, including monthly sales and production reports.

Automotive Industries

Automotive industry news and statistics, including up-to-date stock prices, vehicle production numbers and financial information, an events calendar, and articles from the latest issue of Automotive Industries magazine.

Automotive Industry Action Group

Home page of the automotive industry action group trade association.

Office of Automotive Affairs

Auto Industry Data, including economic, financial and trade statistics, U.S. Motor Vehicle Market Quick-Facts, the U.S. Automotive Industry Sector Report and more.

United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR)

An organization formed by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors to strengthen the technology base of the domestic auto industry. Site contains the latest USCAR news and information.

Ward's Communications

U.S. and international news, automotive industry sales and production statistics, and a list of automotive-related publications.