Internet Resources By Industry: Chemicals


The Suppliers Directory includes address, phone, fax, e-mail and web addresses for chemical suppliers. The Reference Library includes links to over 500 chemistry journals and a service to notify you when a new journal has been added.

Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA)

Current, archive and economic headlines and news for the chemical industry.

Chemical Online

Current, monthly and archived news, product showcase, supplier directory, live chats, discussion forums and career resources for the chemical industry.

Chemical Week

Chemical industry news, links to companies in the chemical industry, industry meetings, conferences, trade shows information, and more.

Chemistry Resources

Internet chemistry resources. Excellent site offering links to chemistry sites throughout the world. Sponsored by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Materials Safety Datasheets

Search ingredients of chemical products by product and/or company name.

Plastics Network

The plastics' industry electronic community on the Internet, offering plastics news, discussion groups, job postings, searches, marketplace and industry information.

Silgan Plastics Corporation - Plastics Links & Search Page

Extensive collection of plastics-related pages on the internet, including news, publications, and organizations.

The Chemical Industry Home Page

Links to chemical industry associations, industry news and resources, chemical companies on the web and more.

The Chemical Management & Resources Association (CMRA)

Online newsletter, links, and publications for the chemical industry. Become a member and also receive access to a company directory, discussion forum and classified ads.