The Accidental Discovery of a unique yeast-derived compound may make major impact

The discovery of a unique yeast-derived compound called EpiCor™ began when insurance adjusters noticed that employees of a leading manufacturer of animal nutrition products, experienced unusually low sick leave rates and filed significantly fewer claims than employees of similarly sized companies. In fact, while 2004 annual insurance premiums increased an average of 11.2 percent nationally, this company’s 2004 premiums didn’t increase at all. The owners suspected this low illness rate was due to a fermented yeast culture the company manufactured for production animals since the workers who came in contact with this fermented yeast culture experienced an unusual lack of illnesses.


Consequently, the company commissioned a research group to perform a series of studies investigating EpiCor’s effects, its safety and whether it was the agent responsible for the enhanced immunity at the company’s production facility plant. Buy this compound now.

New Human Trials Confirm Strong Immune-Modulating Actions

Immune System Enhancer Use and Safety in Autoimmune Health

EpiCor® Enhances Immune System in New Clinical Trial

Novel Immune System Enhancerepicor

Know your EpiCor® — 100% pure sold here — no fillers or flow agents used

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A Novel Immune Modulator EpiCor


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