Ever hear of Nano-Technology? Own Any?

No ?

Look in that mirror again. What do you think that hunk of machinery has in it? What ? Machinery is made of metal ? What kind of belief is that? Lets change it. It is a little bit more advanced than that car you drive and so were the engineers. Ever check out the micro hydraulics? Amazing.  Just about the most advanced in the universe. What do you expect with a structure made of 70% water. How about those micro biochemical machines,  called enzymes? These machines called enzymes run on a "fuel" called a coenzyme. Does your factory produce enough coenzymes to enable the enzymes to function properly. Ask your doctor "How can I test to see if I have enough coenzymes to supply the enzymatic processes in my body?" If you get a blank bewildered stare put even more pressure on him, ask him if he knows what a coenzyme is. Then look for a new mechanic.

How about that amino acid based software they call DNA. Instead of a floppy disk you have a polymer of nucleotides. Pretty cool way to do instruction sets. So how about a software upgrade? Swat that mosquito, ever see a better way to deliver new nano-technology?  Who designed the mosquito and for what purpose?  According to orthodox science everything was an accident, Random mutation, yeah right the eyeball is the result random mutations. Historically science has a record of eventually being proven wrong.

BIOCHEMICAL.gif (1069 bytes)It could increase productivity in your company 25% +. 

You know those little machines that build the other little machines that do DNA repair, assemble that tissue structure, build those dendrites and fire off those neurons?

Well these machines all need these particular molecules  to assemble all these components in your body. Guess what happens if there is a shortage? They made up this term for it ---- DISEASE. Guess how many of you have shortages?  About 90 % according to recent research. How smart are you as a species

When was the last time you consumed some chemicals ?

Food is nothing more than a collection of chemicals. You eat it and there is all this chemical processing that goes on. When you cook food it changes the molecular structure it even destroys little machines called enzymes found naturally in vegetables etc. that your body would normally use.

Now that reminds us of a story about a tiny little Island country that built an global empire. They had a nickname limey's. They took a vitamin (ascorbic acid - vitamin C) which is naturally stored in an encasement known as a lime. They were taking  nutritional supplements, people laughed at them, the medical community scoffed at them, but they were healthy and strong others were sick. They had a superior advantage. THEY RULED. ... England the British Empire..... So what about your company? what about your country. Follow the example !

Every thought you think causes chemical reactions in your brain. Be careful what you think you don't want to produce bad chemicals. 

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