Next generation thought transponders. Idea replication systems. 

Is it possible to control or influence peoples choice of perception? Perhaps by making a suggestion on how to perceive something?

How much are you effected by suggested perceptions ?

Do they distort your view of reality?

Have you created a faulty belief system ?

Do you control  or your thoughts or do your thoughts control you?

Think so? 

Can you stop thinking for 15 seconds? even 3 seconds? Or do the thoughts just seem to intrude?

How much  control do we have over your  thinking right now? 

Look behind you about 5 ft up from the floor to your left. See it?

What stream of thoughts flowed after that last question ?

Did you look, yet?

Are we controlling your thinking right now? Look behind you about 5 ft up from the floor to your left. See it?

We can't control your thinking, we can trigger certain thought patterns and activate specific neural pathways in the brain.

Thought -----> Emotions -------> Behavior -------->

It is possible influence thought and therefore emotions which leads to certain behavior. It could be called marketing, propaganda, or plain sharing of truth. We use words as a tool to influence thought. We have developed the exponential communications system . or perhaps your interest in the science of memetic engineering, its all about marketing and waging war in the minds of the populace.

(you can take that thing off the wall now).  


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