EpiCor® Enhances Immune System in New Clinical Trial
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The yeast fermentation product known as EpiCor was found to enhance the immune system and significantly reduce cold and flu symptoms, researchers report in the journal Urologic Nursing.

EpiCor is an immune modulator and powerful antioxidant that causes a four-fold increase in the activity of natural killer cells, which play an important part in immune health. epicor

In the new randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, researchers studied 116 people recently vaccinated against the flu. Subjects received either daily supplements of EpiCor (500 mg) or a placebo. The University of Michigan scientists collected data on the subjects at the study’s start and after six and 12 weeks.

The researchers found that the subjects given EpiCor experienced significantly fewer cold and flu symptoms and significantly shorter duration of symptoms, compared to subjects taking the placebo. Among the 116 study participants, those who did have symptoms experienced a reduction in the duration of symptoms by 14 percent after taking EpiCor. The overall occurrence of cold and flu symptoms was reduced by 21 percent in the EpiCor group.

The researchers hope that the results of the current study will encourage future trials investigating whether EpiCor can reduce cold and flu symptoms in healthy individuals who have not received any prior flu vaccination.

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Moyad MA, Robinson LE, Zawada ET, Jr, Kittelsrud JM, Chen DG, Reeves SG, Weaver SE. Effects of a Modified Yeast Supplement on Cold/Flu Symptoms. Urologic Nursing. February 2008;28(1): 50-55.

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