Influenza Viral Vaccine in the News: What To Do About The Flu Including Swine Flu
By Ward Dean, MD

With the much balleyhooed shortage of flu vaccine, many people have asked me for suggestions about what to do to avoid the flu, and what to do about it if they catch it. First, I donít think the shortage of flu vaccine is such a crisis, because I dont recommend the flu vaccine anyway. A vaccine I do recommend, for children and immuno-compromised elderly who believe they are at risk for the flu or other bronchopulmonary infections is the pneumococcal vaccine, Pneumovax. Pneumovax is well-tested for safety and efficacy against pneumoniaóbut also appears to have a significant cross-reactivity against other viral and bacterial infections. I think it may be more effective than the flu vaccine. It is one of the few immunizations I recommend. It is believed to be good for about ten years.


I think there are a number of other things we can do to reduce the likelihood of contracting the flu. Air ionizers in the home or office may help to neutralize airborne viruses,
and reduce transmission of the flu. Also, the use of a cool mist humidifier, filled with a 2-to-1 combination of water and hydrogen peroxide (two bottles of water and one bottle of H2O2) is often very helpful.

Also, a combination of protective nutrients like Vitamins A and C, immune enhancers like Beta Glucan and Thymic Protein A, and anti-viral substances like Silver Liquid 400 ppm, Oregano Oil, and Olive Leaf Extract help to alleviate symptoms and shorten the duration of the flu. I also would suggest Catís Claw extract, or its more potent form, Samentoģ.

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