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  • EpiCor 500 mg 30 capsules
  • EpiCor 500mg 60 vegetarian capsules
  • EpiCor Junior 150 mg 60 capsules

    What do Allergies, Stress, Colds, Arthritis, and Intense Exercise have in common?
    They all impact your immune system.

Balance your immune system with EpiCor®.

Strengthen all three lines of your natural defenses with EpiCor®:

The Physical Barrier (skin, mucous membranes)

Search and Destroy (macrophages, granulocytes, natural killer (NK) cells)

Antibody Manufacture (T-lymphocytes [T-cells], B-lymphocytes [B-cells])

EpiCor® is a potent immune system modulator that helps regulate your body’s natural immune defenses. EpiCor® primes the immune responder cells in the blood so that they are on high alert to attack viruses and bacteria. At the same time EpiCor® redirects the immune system helping to prevent the immune cells from attacking the body itself. In other words, EpiCor® primes the immune system to attack non-self proteins, like bacteria and viruses, while supporting the immune system’s ability to recognize and to leave ‘self’ proteins alone. The immune system’s attack of ‘self’ proteins is the main feature of inflammation and inflammatory reactions. epicor

EpiCor® enhances the body’s immune reaction by increasing the levels of CD4 “helper cells”and at the same time decreasing levels of CD8 “suppressor” cells. EpiCor® supports hyperactive immune systems to give them a more balanced, normal immune response.

EpiCor® should be taken daily to help minimize the risk and severity of colds and flus by improving the CD4/CD8 helper/suppressor cell ratio, resulting in a powerful shift in the body’s ability to defend itself against infectious agents. There is evidence that EpiCor®’s immune system modulatory effects improves over time.

Another important mechanism of action of EpiCor® is that it increases the levels of secretory IgA one of the five immunoglobulins that is a major first line of defense in infections that enter via mucosal surfaces. Secretory IgA envelops and makes our mucous membranes far more impervious to pathogens including bacteria and viruses. Secretory IgA has been proven to be a powerful antiviral agent. It not only protects the mouth and nasal passages, but also protects the mucous that lines the entire gastrointestinal tract.


EpiCor® is a yeast-based product manufactured by a multi-stage fermentation process. It has not been shown to have any negative effect on persons suffering from Candida albicans, or candidiasis. On the contrary, EpiCor® has been effective against E. Coli and Candida tropicalis. It acts as a probiotic, supporting healthy gastrointestinal flora. The proprietary MetaGen-4™ fermentation process also produces powerful antioxidants, including catechins, polyphenols, and resveratrol, all of which all contribute to EpiCor®’s high free radical quenching abilities. It has a high ORAC rating and quenches free radicals at levels as low as 1 part per trillion.

Watch a webinar on EpiCor® presented by Alex Schauss, Ph.D. FACN.

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