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By Chris D. Meletis, ND

EpiCorô is a revolutionary new product that has been researched for its effects on the immune system. The response has been tremendous. However, there have also been many questions that have arisen. I have studied the research that exists on EpiCor and would now like to address the most frequently asked questions about this intriguing new product.

Q. Is EpiCorô an immune stimulant?
A. It is most accurate to describe EpiCor as an immune modulator. It has an unique ability to help regulate the human bodyís natural immune defenses. This effect is nicely illustrated by its ability to increase CD4 (helper) and decrease CD8 (suppressor) cells. This leads to an up regulation of natural defenses as the direct consequence of the CD4 cells increasing immunological responsiveness. Likewise, the effect of EpiCor on Natural Killer (NK) cells is intriguing. Rather than increasing the number of NK cells, EpiCor strategically enhances NK activity. The net result of both enhanced NK cell activity and an improved CD4/CD8 ratio is the creation of an augmented immune competency.

Q. Can a person battling Candida albicans take EpiCorô since it is derived from yeast?
A. The yeast that EpiCorô is derived from is common bakerís yeast. Having worked with patients with yeast sensitivity and those addressing Candida albicans infections, I do not routinely find a significant cross reactivity with yeast-derived substances. Certainly, the potential is theoretically present for a few select individuals to experience reactivity symptoms, yet I have not found this to be the case in clinical practice. In fact, experts in the field believe that the likelihood for reactivity is minimal, otherwise the ubiquitous nature of bakerís yeast would cause reactivity in the populace on an ongoing basis. EpiCor is such a powerful immune modulator that it would most likely benefit most individuals suffering from candidiasis.

Q. Is there an application for autoimmune disease?
A. There is great promise that via EpiCorís immunomodulator effect that the hyper-reactivity experienced by an individual with such conditions may become moderated.

Many of the traditional prescription medications used to help control the symptoms of these conditions are targeted at suppressing the immune system responsiveness. The evidence points to EpiCorís ability to increase the efficiency of inherent immunomodulatory processes in the body. Thus, a trial of EpiCor while being monitored by a personal physician seems reasonable. In my clinical practice, I recommend that all my patients with autoimmune disease take a food allergy test as well. By identifying and eliminating food allergens/sensitivities the immune irritants that could otherwise up regulate immune reactivity can be avoided.

Q. Does EpiCor have a direct effect on sIgA?
A. There is clear evidence that EpiCor is effective in killing Candida tropicalis and E. coli. As to whether it will kill Candida albicans is yet to be studied. Yet its ability to improve immune competence and enhance sIgA (secretory IgA) points to a strong potential positive effect. It is important to note that sIgA serves as the equivalent of an ďimmunological Scotchguardô,Ē protecting mucous membranes from invasion by opportunistic infectious agents whether they take the form of yeast, virus or bacteria.

Q. Is EpiCor the same as the animal feed product upon which it was based?
A. No it is not. The fermentation technology is similar but the drying systems are completely different which produces a different metabolite profile. EpiCor is designed to maximize the antioxidant activity and not damage any metabolites. The company that developed EpiCor spent years taking what they knew on the animal side to develop a product for humans. This is why humans only have to take 500 mg while animals consume 2-4 ounces.

Q. Could EpiCor be taken daily to help minimize risk of colds and flus?
A. The reality is that the best defense is a good offense. This is particularly true with EpiCor, which is meant to be taken every day to help the immune system over time. EpiCorís ability to increase sIgA can help envelope mucous membranes and make them more impervious to potential pathogens. Also the improved CD4/CD8, helper/suppressor cell ratio is a powerful shift to improve the immune systemís ability to defend and cope with infectious agents. Evidence suggests that EpiCor helps modulate the immune system over time. Furthermore, clinical tests and cell culture studies have confirmed EpiCorís long-term safety. I personally take 1 EpiCor per day as part of my overall immune support and for its other beneficial effects.

Taking proactive steps is essential to staying well. Some other tips that are foundationally important include washing ones hands regularly especially before eating or touching ones face, and staying properly hydrated throughout the day.

Q. EpiCorís ability to favorably shift CD4/CD8 cells suggests an application worth considering when dealing with a viral burden on the body. Is this correct?
A. Yes. The improved CD4/CD8 ratio is precisely what is desired for those dealing with a viral burden, as this ratio is often disrupted in this group. There is no research specifically done in this area yet. However, it certainly seems as if EpiCor would be a tool worth strong consideration.

Q. What role can EpiCor play in a regimen designed for free radical defense?
A. EpiCor is rich in catechins, phenolics, resveratrol and other potent antioxidants. It is this natural blend that confers powerful free radical quenching properties. Researchers discovered the ROS (reactive oxygen species) quenching ability of EpiCor went as low as 1 part per trillion, which further reflects EpiCorís very high ORAC (free-radical-fighting) rating.

Q. Can EpiCor support gastrointestinal health?
A. Yes, EpiCor has been shown to kill E.Coli and also Candida tropicalis. Additionally, EpiCor serves as a prebiotic, thus supporting healthy gastrointestinal flora. Beyond these direct effects, the increase in the sIgA that helps protect and envelope mucous membranes confers a significant level of protection against invading microbes.

Q. Childrenís immune systems must be exposed to bacteria, viruses etc. in order to mature and mount a strong defense. If EpiCor prevents children from being exposed to pathogens will it also prevent their immune systems from developing properly?
A. As parents, we all have to make health choices for our kids. I have two children myself, and have no problem giving EpiCor to them. EpiCor is derived from an item that is ubiquitous in our daily lives. It works with the immune system to modulate its actions. Children are great at picking up germs at school and play. Consequently, EpiCorís ability to enhance IgA, building an immunological envelop and coating mucous membranes to help protect them from excess burdens, would be highly beneficial to children and better help develop their immune systems.

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