Exponential Communications System ( 1995)

Imagine an automated system that could expose 60% of the nations minds to some piece of information or idea? We could create a meme, produce a thought virus, that would spread from one mind to the other. A few  keystrokes and carefully engineered placement in new an old media and .....

What does it take to change the worlds thinking?

Say we have x categories of people.

A category "A" person influences a million or more people on a daily basis
category B 10,000
category C 1000
category D 100
category E 10 people

If we have

20 category A people
90 category B
450 category C
2500 category D
18,000 category E

How many people can we communicate an idea to TODAY? 21,780,000

If those people communicate the idea to 2 others the next day we have exposed  62 million.

One more day 220 million

One more day the Nation?

Obviously many minds ignore or reject certain ideas and thoughts and they don't become contagious so it never works out to be 100%. The idea is that we focus your communication on a small group of people who communicate to large numbers of people for you. And or we present your idea in a single place visited by many people.

One more key thing is how do you get your information to rise above the noise? Stimulate two dominant neural pathways creating a link between the two, this will be a new neural pathway. There the secret is out. Well not quite there are classes of pathways, forks, false triggers, dead end techniques that can be used as well. 

One more thing... it has to be worth passing on.

Is there some fact or truth (not a falsehood) that if known would result in your benefit?

Let us deliver it. let us introduce you to the science of Memetic Engineering and Viral Marketing.

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