Property Transfer Physics

A short overview.

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Without getting deep into the scientific aspects we will touch on the some of the "economic" concepts that can be used. 

The boss says to his group of workers, dig a trench. He or She has initiated a high level instruction to initiate a "large scale property transfer". Each worker sends instructions to his or her muscles to operate the shovel and remove a shovel full of dirt (small property transfers).

The ditch is completed. X amount of human energy was expended to initiate the thousands of property transfers required to achieve the effect. This human energy came from food consumed by the humans and converted to energy supplied to the muscles, another set of unrelated property transfers connected to the creating the ditch. 

An Engineer decides that he will sit down and create a blueprint for an instruction set to  build a steam shovel for future trench digging. Mr. engineer is investing his time to reduce the number of instructions required to initiate the property transfers necessary to create the ditch. He is also improving the delivery of the energy needed to execute the property transfers to create the trench. He has empowered a single human (the shovel operator) to do the work of dozens of workers in much less time. This frees up those workers to execute instructions and expend energy to accomplish other tasks (property transfers). 

Time spent applying intelligence can be invested to reduce the amount of time (energy) required to produce an "effect" or property transfer in the future.

It takes time to execute instructions, the more macro instruction sets created to carry out micro instruction sets, the less time (energy) it takes to execute the entire sub-instruction set, freeing you up to execute even more instruction sets producing even more.

Time (energy) can be invested applying  intelligence to reduce future time (energy) consumption required to initiate a property transfer. 

What does this mean? In the new market place the most efficient companies, those that have applied intelligence to reduce the amount of energy / time required to produce a quality product or service will prosper others will cease to exist or resort to gimmicks and inferior quality products and services to stay in business. 

This overview was just to increase your understanding of the use of the terms. If your interested more in depth information on  property transfer physics, read our white paper on it.