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  • Information Technology Data Center Infrastructure
  • Large Scale System Architecture
  • Video Streaming Internet Protocol Television, production and encoding, interactive advertising
  • Knowledge Acquisition, Business Intelligence, Research, and Meta-Analysis, Internet Metrics
  • Application of advanced Intelligence in the development and delivery of new concepts, solutions, products, business solutions and services.
  • Development of techniques and methodologies for exponential growth of intelligence and enhancement of the human mind and body
  • We also offer smart  products and services that allow a high degree of automation in  production and delivery.

Intelegen Inc. is a privately owned corporation incorporated under the laws of the State Of Delaware in 1995. It is predominately a virtual corporation consisting of  project teams using collaboration portals and the Internet. Our company is structured to overcome space and time limitations, geographical boundaries, and the associated overhead costs. The best minds and talent in the world are  a keystroke away and always connected.

Intelegen Inc. is doing hands on development, acting as an instigator, a builder of relationships, and initiating knowledge transfer to establish success and prosperity for for all involved.

Our goal is to transform economic and monetary systems; energy systems; government systems; transportation systems; medical systems, eliminate disease; increase human potential, and encourage the adoption of new global systems.

We are looking for partners, philanthropists, collaborators, investors and anyone else wishing to participate and play a role in the advancement of humankind.

All profits from patents, devices, services, systems, and business operations are used to support further  the achievement of the ultimate goal of Peace & Prosperity.

DUNS # 04-082-8456

Tax ID# 38-3253750

Tel.  (313) 312-5654