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Roof Top Real Estate

 Thanks to broadband wireless communications roof top real estate is becoming some of the most sought after real estate in the world. 

This is the place to list it. This is the place to find it.

Roof top real estate managers and leasing agents list your properties here and join the Roof Top Real Estate Agents Network .

We have compiled an  advanced roof top real estate database and mapping system. You can look at a map of available buildings in any region in the world and get detail leasing, contact and structural detail. Or you can enter your requirement, system type etc. and have the system process your request and compute  locations to fit your needs. 

Where should you go with Broadband ? Where is the return on your investment going to be greatest ? Our agents and information systems can help you locate the hotpots based dozens of demographic factors, what the competition is doing, current revenue generation, income, population growth, zoning etc.

The International residential broadband wireless network project.

The White Space Revolution


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