The End of Disease

Awareness Campaign
(Launched in 1995 by Richard Gerber)

There are many that profit from disease and few that profit from health. Yet we all collectively profit from health, not disease. As such those we look to for information regarding health only know how to treat the symptoms of disease and little about health, biochemistry and correcting imbalance.

The benefits to participating in this awareness campaign are lower taxes and increased wages. Lower taxes because Medicaid and Medicare line


the pockets of those profiting from disease. Disease is an unnecessary cost burden on society and government (our collective effort). This is probably the simplest way with a few mouse clicks to increase your wealth.

If this awareness campaign is successful we may expect a 30% reduction in taxes and and 11% increase in wages due to decreased health insurance premium costs. There are also enormous productivity gains and other costs are eliminated so the return on spreading this awareness is substantial. Help reduce business cost burdens that are added to the cost of the products you buy. More insight is found in this article There is no cure for disease, but there is a solution, the end of disease.

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There is no cure for disease, but there is a solution, the end of disease

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Elements of Disease

  1. Disease is simply a system failure or malfunction due to an out of balance condition.
  2. Disease is also linked to environmental imbalance so there is that which external that needs be accommodated or corrected and brought into balance.
  3. The quality of produce and soil in which is grown is also a factor in disease.
  4. The production, harvesting, and processing of the raw materials needed by the body, that which we label as food is also a factor in disease. Factory farming for high profit is an element in disease.
  5. The mind and its influence on biochemical processes is also a factor in disease. Which means spirituality and well being of the mind. The body affects the mind and the mind affects the body.
  6. Society and its policies, infrastructure and system design are also a factor in disease stress for example increases cortisol production which shuts down the immune system. A nation under stress is setting itself up for plague and pandemic.

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