Energy Acquisition & Distribution System (EADS)

A different kind of investment.

What if you could lock yourself into the lowest kilowatt pricing available nationwide for virtually forever? Such that you would have the advantage over all others that were to follow after you? Such that later in life you could sell you're pricing advantage.

Why is being first important? You get priority on the lowest pricing. As the Electroc Energy Acquisition & Distribution System allocates megawatt blocks you will get the lowest priced allocations based on your account activation time and date. This means you lock in lower pricing as long as you're a shareholder in Electroc Energy Management Systems the lower rates.

The dividend - lower rates per kilowatt-hour.

You're not just a customer you're a shareholder.

Those that wait pay more.  

What is the Electroc Energy Management System?

It is an automated system that bids on megawatt blocks of energy on your behalf. The automated system scans the current price offerings from virtually all power producers nationwide (globally in the future). The system then makes comparisons. Based upon current customer/shareholder needs the system purchases blocks of energy. It then breaks these blocks up and allocates the cost based on shareholder usage. Lower priced blocks are allocated to shareholders based on the entry date "their position" into the system. Down the road you can sell your position or pass it on to your heirs. Any single entity can only hold one position and this position must be active and using electricity. Must have metered access to the National Power Grid. At anytime the account is not associated with metered access for 60 days the account is terminated and the next active account moves into its position.

Residential - Fractional M blocks

$40.00 for each reserved fractional block

Business - M blocks

$500.00 for each reserved M block Note: you should base reserved M-blocks on projected usage

How does it actually effect your relationship with the local Power Company? It does not. They still come out and read your meter and may bill you directly (based on rates purchased by Electroc on your behalf) or you may be billed directly by Electroc

The system launch is contingent upon  compliance by utility companies, and each individual state with deregulation. Note: Review House Bill H.R.1230

At this time we cannot specify a specific date that the program will go live, however you can purchase fractional or whole M blocks. You do not at this time need to meet the requirement for active metered access. At the time of live system operation you will need to maintain this requirement. You will however have purchased and hold a position.

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