Past = Electron 

Future = Photon

Primitive isn't it ? Squeezing energy out of dirty fossil fuels ?

We are surrounded by free flowing energy, there is a huge nuclear reactor hanging up there in the sky over your head

Nuclear fission is messy and destabilizes molecular structural integrity on multiple plains, good way to get your neighbors attention.

Nuclear fusion gets enabled if needed by this technology

If everything is made of energy why are you paying for it?

Intelegen Inc. has developed a new energy collection, concentration, storage and distribution system.

Ever seen an advanced energy distribution system designed by an advanced intelligence?

You occupy such a machine, notice how the energy factories (mitochondria) are distributed  throughout the system at the micro level? Now look at the energy factories currently on the planet. Hmmm. Maybe it is time to change the model.

Get in touch  and play a role.



Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment Audio TechnologyAdvanced Human Biochemical Enhancement

This site was featured in the new movie Infinite Play

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