Free Advanced Medical Diagnostics
by Richard Gerber 2005

The human biochemical machine is of amazing design. It will reallocate resources to vital organs and systems when there is a shortage. Visual observation can be used to determine many deficiencies causing system malfunctions in the body that may not be visible to the naked eye. The body will first deprive the skin, hair and nails of nutrients to supply the vital organs. It is here we see the visible signs of deficiency. Brittle hair, slow growth, overgrowing cuticles and ridges in your nails are all signs of nutrient deficiency. This means you are on the road to lethal disease conditions. So by observing the visual cues you can determine the onset of disease and take proactive measures including prevention. Prevention is not catching a disease early so the symptoms can be treated and artificially corrected with drugs. Prevention means not

In the skin if there are any visible open sores or red marks your body has a failed toxic and waste elimination system or it has been exposed to excessive toxins in the environment and is overloaded lacking enough nutrients to meet the environmental demands. It has created a short cut to eliminate them through the skin as an emergency measure.


If you have any sign infection or pus then your immune system is failed, a healthy body does not need band aids for small cuts or anti-bacterial spray. Having enough vitamin C will strengthen collagen bonds so that your skin will not tear or puncture easily. Bruising is also a sign of vitamin C deficiency due to weak capillary construction. Animals that produce vitamin C generate 10 grams for every 150 lbs. of body weight and more under stress, use this as a guidelines until the daily recommended requirements for optimum function are established using real science not pseudo science that was funded by the cereal companies.

Get plenty of sunlight so that your body manufactures plenty of vitamin D essential to calcium absorption and the immune system. If you have the proper nutrient levels the skin manufactures protection against UV rays. Not getting enough sunlight causes lethal cancers and is very profitable advice for some.

Please be reminded that fever is the bodies way of shutting down viral replication and if you take aspirin or Tylenol you are interfering with natural processes. These should only be used in emergency. The only reason a fever will get high enough to cause damage is if your messaging and control mechanisms are impaired due to imbalance or biochemical deficiency.

Good hair is not about the expensive shampoo, good skin is not about expensive cosmetics it is all about adequate nutrients being present through ingestion to build them properly. Why use cosmetics to hide poor health when you can spend the money on nutrients to establish good health and not have to spend hours putting on makeup.

Remember doctors and hospitals are employed by you, you are the authority not them. They are your paid consultant and feel free to  fire them and question them they make mistakes and do not know everything. Do not allow them carte blanche to charge you just anything request their pricing and compare with other health providers. Immediately obtain copies of your medical records, and the results of your tests, they belong to you and can be used to get second opinions and do your own online research so that you can understand them. You might also catch things that they miss when reading them. Remember most doctors, although there is a growing number of exceptions, mostly the young doctors, (avoid the old consciousness)  are trained to treat the symptoms of disease. They are mostly disease professionals not health professionals. The exception to all this being physical injury repair. A new guide for vetting doctors is going to be published so the consumer can determine which doctors have self educated regarding health care.

Do not microwave food it damages essential enzymes (nanomachinery) needed by the body.

Be sure to pump your lymphatic system with exercise,it does not have it's own pump like the blood.

Support Universal Health not the Universal Disease Care System.

Do not consume factory farmed food grown using petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides, do not consume genetically modified food because it may be a source of unnatural proteins which can cause malfunctions in the body when they are used. Factory farmed meat has an Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio imbalance leading to mental health learning, memory and emotional problems. Go Amish!

Applying these principle and making others aware will line your pockets with cash. Lowering our taxes (Medicaid, Medicare expenses) as well as reduce the cost of all products because health insurance premiums will drop reducing the burden of disease on business.

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