We created a new source of energy that is basically free. Not true, the source of free energy was already there. Energy is free. We just figured out a unique way to capture it.

Free energy? Well we just can't have that technology getting around. Economic chaos you know. What would we do with all the industries dependant on oil and refinery by products? God  forbid the death of plastic. Nope if anything we would have to phase it in over 10 or 20 years. Those landfills will be gold mines. $8.00 per cubic yard.

Invented a cure for most disease? Well you can forget that one as well. Economic chaos you know. We simply couldn't find jobs for everyone that makes a living off of disease. Not only that who would pay off all their debts? What about social security, we didn't plan on supporting everyone till they were 90. You will have to die on average by 70 or you'll overload the the system. We would have to phase this in as well. Maybe we can get people to keep working till they are 70.

We appear to have that "almost free" energy device. Yes, we are looking for investors. We also have a good idea as to how to end most disease. Of course you could figure out how to do that yourself. There are ramifications and it puts us in an awkward position. People in the medical, chemical, oil, and pharmaceutical industries have families to feed. Therefore we are initiating a slow transition. If your working in an industry that will not exist in 2 - 10 years what action should you take now? Please do. With the changes what new opportunities lie ahead? Take advantage of knowing the future now.



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