Pure heresy they may call it, especially if it is a threat. 

What is heresy?

A proposition that is, at the same time, a challenge to present understanding, current beliefs and a challenge to power.

"If we keep others believing the world is flat, the fear that they will fall off will keep them from discovering new lands and our sources for spices. We will be able to discover the new lands first and remain dominant in the spice industry. "

Do so called "authoritive" resources like to admit they are wrong? What does it do to their authority?

Is what they taught you about the world around you while you were  in school correct? Is it unbiased ?

Activities of science are supported by, and to some extent controlled by, organizations such as scientific societies, agencies of the federal government and (to a lesser but non-negligible extent) by the structuring of universities and corporations into schools, divisions, departments, laboratories, etc. These organizations in turn need respect from their competitors, approval from their colleagues, support from the public, and favorable press from the media and economic support. Any scientist who jeopardizes the good standing of these important scientific organizations may, knowingly or unknowingly, weaken organized science and thereby hurt his fellow scientists. In this way, the issue of true science is converted from one that is purely intellectual to one that has sociological, political and economic consequences. Such issues perceived as heretical may be so because they involve a combination of political and economic ramifications.

If a researcher finds a cure he must find another  job which may be difficult and the institution gets no more funding (not in it's best interest).

Why is it there is so much disagreement between scientists? Motive, desire for a particular reality or fear of  a new one?

can teach an old dog new tricks? We can.



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