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 If what we believe creates our reality thenbelief.gif (1260 bytes) could be called  REALITYENG.gif (939 bytes)


new.gif (1232 bytes)Energy, your surrounded by it, made of it, it flows all around you. Why are you paying for it? Why   squeeze it out of things in a very dirty process?  We own the worlds largest nuclear reactor and it is fusion based and we are giving away free access to it. LOOK UP. We even have a new device....soon... 

So what about the economic system .... on the way.   

Are you introducing a new concept, marketing a new product, trying to get the message out, initiate change, looking for a solution, new twists on old ideas, enhancements to your products or services ? brute.gif (957 bytes)

You define the effect - we create the cause ™

What is Cybernetics? A set of fundamental principles for the cybernetics domain is sketched, based on the spontaneous emergence of systems through variation and selection. The (mostly self-evident) principles are: selective retention, autocatalytic growth, asymmetric transitions, blind variation, recursive systems construction, selective variety, requisite knowledge and incomplete knowledge. Existing systems principles, such as self-organization, "the whole is more than the sum of its parts", and order from noise can be reduced to implications of these more primitive laws. Others, such as the law of requisite variety, the 2nd law of thermodynamics, and the law of maximum entropy production are clarified, or restricted in their scope. More on cybernetics?  

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