Intelegen Inc. is looking for investors to help expand our operations and  take our  projects in development to the market place. Our focus is on the world 2 -5 years from now and that future is approaching fast.  

Information and knowledge generally do not reach mainstream media until 2  - 10 years after being generated or manifested. This is known as knowledge transfer latency. For things like the implications presented by Quantum Physics it can take over 75 years. Sometimes information or knowledge never reaches the general public because the general public lacks the knowledge base that would enable comprehension. Even in this situation the information of knowledge will have an effect on the general public. In other situations there is monetary and political benefit derived from limiting the transfer of specific knowledge and information. Quite often these "forces" must be taken into account when estimating latency.  

Being generators of new knowledge and information we know what the world will know several years in advance. By taking into account knowledge transfer latency we can analyze future cause and effect relationships leading to an understanding of future needs and entity relationships. Based on this we can have products, services, and systems in place and ready to meet demand. 

You would probably like a real example of this? 

Current world belief systems contain thought and system constructs based on Particle Physics. Belief systems will soon contain constructs based on Property Transfer Physics. Particle physics is a dead end, it is flat world stuff. 

The best thing about "Property Transfer Physics" is that it can be directly applied to business, economic systems, government, monetary systems, automotive design and even farming. It also fills many missing holes.

It is  new way of thinking, a new choice of perception, a new understanding of the workings of the universe. The world doesn't change, your interaction with the world changes. The product being efficiency, reduced waste, improved management systems, and some new scientific discoveries. Read this short overview and you will understand what we mean by property transfer (nothing to do with real estate) and instruction sets.

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