What Is Genius ? 

Is genius a gift or is it developed? 

What can I do to enhance my brain power ?

Is genius pulsar2.gif (5837 bytes)what most people think it is?

geniusisani.gif (24117 bytes)


Hi IQ ? 
No, not by conventional measurement methods, genius is much more. 


A lot of education ?
 No, to much orthodox education can detract from genius, conditioned thinking blocks genius. 


A great deal  of knowledge ?  
No,  it can help facilitate genius and although a genius may have a lot of knowledge, having a lot of knowledge does not imply genius. It may just imply a good memory.


The ability to create new connections between , objects, object behavior and systems ?  
Yesthis genius


The ability to think differently creating new concepts ? 
Yes, this is the creative aspect of genius


The ability to change and use alternate perspectives and choice of perception. ?
Yes this is genius


Knowing that anything is possible ?
Yes, a sign of genius


Knowing that the experts may be wrong ?
Yes, no lack of genius here


The ability to detect and recognize patterns ?
Yes, a must for any genius


Can I enhance my brain power ? Yes.