Intelegen Internet Capabilities

We have been doing the Internet since 1995 establishing one of the early  Internet Service Provider businesses in 1995 (since sold). Now we  utilize or consult on co-location at major Internet facilities run by Qwest, Exodus, Above Net, and Level 3.

Web Site / Database Integration and Design

Graphics & Video Editing, Digitizing, Encoding and Streaming

Sound track editing and streaming

Programming  Ajax, Web 3.0

E-commerce storefronts

Web/Database Integration and Design

MySQL, MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, FoxPro, Oracle

Sybase,  SQL Anywhere, AS 400 - DB2 Cold Fusion X-base

Web Site and Application Hosting in Collocation Data Center facilities

Dedicated Web Servers ,SHTTP, SSL Secure Transactions

Redundant High Speed Multihomed Tier 1  Connections To the Internet Backbone

24 Hour Monitoring

Domain Name Procurement and Registration

Web Page Activity/Usage Reports


Routers, Switches, Network Engineering, LAN, WAN, VPNs  (virtual private networks)

Web Site Promotion

Search engine optimization, Google Ad words etc.

Internet Mail Services

Email Accounts, List Servers, Auto Responders, Email List, Management

Internet Access

Leased - 56k, DS1 DS3, Fiber, OC3, OC48, ISDN, DSL,  Dialup

Other Internet Related Services


Web Server Setup

LAN & Internet Integration

Multi-Platform Legacy Data Integration

Internet Telephony, Video Conferencing, White Boarding, And Application Sharing

Remote Web Site Management

Links For Static Web Pages To Private Dynamic Information Processing Programs On Our Servers

Buying And Selling Splash And Banner Ad Space

Surveys, Response Forms, Order Entry, Catalogs, Sweepstakes, Contests, And Promotions, Cookies

Credit Card And Check Processing , Shopping Carts

Development Of Value Added Information For Web Visitors

Integration of Internet Marketing With Conventional Marketing Strategies

Monitoring of Public References to a Company, it's trademarks or Products  On The Internet

Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment Audio TechnologyAdvanced Human Biochemical Enhancement

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