Web Site Hosting & Design

 Web Site Content Development

We can take your current Marketing Materials and transform them to take advantage of the interactive nature of the Web utilizing all forms of multimedia. We can develop entirely new material designed specifically for use on the Internet. We can take your current information processing and extend it beyond the limitations of your local network and put it on your customers desktop.

Programming & Database Design

Our staff of programmers can develop custom applications for the Internet that will add functionality to your web site or facilitate the use of the Internet as a low cost medium for communications and data processing. We specialize in Sharepoint Services, Business Portal, HTML, CFML,  ASP, SQL, CGI, JAVA Applets/Scripts, Active-X, Visual Basic.

We can also design simple relational database solutions in MS Access or FoxPro. For needs requiring a more robust solution we can develop large scale systems using Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase SQL Anywhere capable of worldwide real time transaction processing and database replication via the Internet.

Servers & Internet Access

We provide standard or 56k dial up access to the Internet. We can also provide assistance obtaining and setting up dedicated high speed access to the Internet This includes integration with your current LAN or Intranet. We can assist you implementation of your own dedicated Internet Servers to provide Web, FTP, Commerce and Email services.

 Virtual office application hosting

Other Miscellaneous Services

Email Accounts - Internet POP3 mail accounts

 List server Mailing Lists - Creation and processing of group mailing lists. This creates in effect an email discussion group in which access can be controlled or open. All members receive all email posted to the group. All responses to the group by an individual are forwarded to all members of the group.

 Customer Mailing Lists - We can create and maintain profiled customer mailing lists to keep your customers updated as to your newest product announcements, special offers, and technical bulletins.

Mail Reflector (Auto responder) - This service sends an automatic response in the form of an email to the originator of any email sent to it's particular address.

Directory and Search Engine Listings - Your company, it's products and services, and the address of your of your web site are listed and registered in the top 25 Internet Search engines and directory services.

 Domain Name Registration - Search to determine availability of specific Domain Names and registration of your exclusive Internet Domain name with Internic.

 Conference Boards & Chat Rooms - We can provide web based conferencing and chat rooms providing a forum accessible by any number of people throughout the world for discussion of any topic

 Electronic Polling, Survey, and Focus Groups - We have thousands of people fitting many different profiles prepared to give their opinion on everything from current issues, to product packaging. It's a fast, cost effective method to question thousands with a few key strokes.

 Automated Intelligence Gathering - Our custom built search engines can search Newsgroups and Web Sites for references to any topic, subject or word. We can then store the article or text along with the it's location and address of the author or URL of the web site.

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