The Intangible Asset Measurement System (IAMS) 
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Author: Richard Gerber

This system is dynamic in nature using the Internet for information transfer. Each company's rating changes whenever new members are added or leave or the company merges with another. Each member of a company is evaluated for past productivity, physical, mental, and relationship skills and abilities on a quarterly basis.

Each individual has earned a value for each attribute. Then the company itself is evaluated and assigned a value, which is the sum of all its members.


Next efficiency is measured by quantifying the amount of energy and number of property transfer instructions needed to produce a product or service. Then by a separate measurement the value of the product or service is determined based on what other economic participants are currently willing to create as economic contribution to obtain the product or service.

Be sure to read the "new measure of a companies worth". And Measuring Intangible Assets and intellectual Capital - An Emerging Standard

The true value of a company's will not be determined by the ratio of earnings to stock value but by intangible assets, physical assets and efficiency in delivering a product, material or service.

Measuring the Intangible Assets & Efficiency 

  • A Company's total IQ
  • A companies total years of experience
  • Measuring Intellect
  • Specialized Knowledge Certification
  • General Knowledge Certification
  • Measure Right Left Brain Communication
  • Measure Of Mental Reflex
  • Measuring Creative Genius
  • Pattern Skills
  • Measure of relationship skills

Quantified as Intellectual Capital

Measuring Intangible Assets and intellectual Capital - An Emerging Standard

The New Monetary System

The tangible standard

Intangible Assets

Update 2009 read the implementation Global Value Exchange System

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