Intangible Assets
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Author: Richard Gerber

What is the new measure of a company's value? What is a company? 

In the past it was buildings, equipment, ownership of natural resources, a customer base, infrastructure, a brand name, and patents. This was the industrial age the age matter over mind. The age of the dispensable worker whose value was measured by the ability to physically produce, or perform left-brained functions.

Now and in the future there will be a new measure. Minds, creative intelligence, knowledge base and accumulated wisdom, skill in the mastery of matter, the ability to absorb and apply information, experience and efficiency. Not the efficiency we normally speak of, but a whole new science to measure of the ability to initiative property transfer. Not property in the physical sense but property transfer in the quantum sense.

A Company is a group who collectively gives birth to an entity (the company) whose value is greater than the sum of its parts. Each individual's attributes can be measured, and those attributes summed together to give a company a measured and quantifiable value. Value being the ability to initiate desired property transfers on behalf of others. There are many facets to property transfer, the planting of seed, the delivery of energy, the building of a chair, or the engineering and manufacturer of a fast transport vehicle or earthmover.


The death of the left brain worker. Fall of the accountant and the rise of the artist.

The computer has stepped in to replace the left-brained tasks previously performed by workers, machines have taken over repetitive production. This is the information age, the age of mind over matter.

The formation of the bit based collective mind a digital gestalt.

Those that can transfer the logic to left brained tasks into software to be executed by hardware.

Measuring Intangible Assets and intellectual Capital - An Emerging Standard

The intangible asset measurement system

The New Monetary System

The tangible standard

Update 2009 read the implementation Global Value Exchange System

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