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The New Monetary System

2000 Intelegen Inc.

The end of financial institutions as we know it has come. Boundaries between domestic and foreign currency vanish as intermestic currency comes into being.

We are developing a system that will move your money globally at the speed of light to the highest bidder on a daily basis eventually as frequent as every minute. Whoever will pay the most to borrow your money will have it whoever will charge the least to hold your debt will own it. Not just a single entity but multiple entities may borrow or loan a single block of your economic units using block partitioning algorithms.

  • We have in development Intelligent Digital Agents (IDAs) that will replace the current activities of the banker, financial analyst, money manager, loan officer, and teller.
  • The physical infrastructure that is provided by banks to support the economic system is replaced. Each economic participant's computer and global Internet Commerce Hubs maintained by authorized Certificate Authorities.
  • The economic system has no central control as such it is extremely fault tolerant and will no longer be subject to manipulation by central banks, governments, corporations, or cartels. It will become it's own dynamic entity.
  • System security, validation, authentication and coordination of Monetary Unit (MU) holdings are provided by Certificate Authorities.
  • Risk assessment managers certify and evaluate entities providing profiles and ratings for individuals and companies.
  • What we know now as mutual fund managers, stock brokers, and financial analysts will manage, train and transfer their intelligence and knowledge to the IDAs. Secondary to this is each economic participant defining his or her preferences and adding still more intelligence to the IDA.

The financial analyst of today is the IDA trainer of next year. The underwriter of today is the risk assessment manager of next year, the market analyst of today measures the intangible assets, and efficiency rating of companies becoming the ratings publisher of next year.


Counterpart to this system is the Intangible Asset Measurement System (IAMS) also read Measuring Intangible Assets and intellectual Capital - An Emerging Standard.

The future of this intermestic currency is the transformation into the tangible standard monetary system.

The New Monetary System

Update 2009 read the implementation of the Global Value Exchange System

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