The Tangible Standard
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Author: Richard Gerber

Past = gold standard

Present =  fiat money with inflation and insecurity

Future & Present = the tangible standard, with zero inflation and security.

Update 2009 read the implementation

Currently currency is back by a promise, a promise that can be broken. This promise backed currency can be inflated and deflated it is not a secure. The new tangible standard replaces fiat money and provides a cost efficient participant supported infrastructure.

Never before possible, the growth and advancement of computer technology has made the new system a reality. Trillions upon trillions of transaction can be tracked and initiated at almost zero cost at the speed of light.

What is it?

Monetary units backed by tangible assets like land, buildings, stocks, bonds, commodities, energy, water and even pizza.

The system is set to launch in the year 2000 using the global Internet, client and ISP computers and servers. (Read about intermestic currency). Would you rather have a monetary unit backed by a promise or that 10-acre parcel of land down the street?

Down the road....

What becomes of the dollar? The new "gestalt" dollar is based on energy. Energy expended to initiate property transfer (based on the new internally developed property transfer physics, which replaces conventional particle physics), create boundaries, new forms and acquire raw materials.


What about interest? Interest as we know it in the new system is a different form and is not attached to the creation of new monetary units. Instead thousands may loan directly to borrowers in return for dividends. But it is not a loan, as you now know it, it is actually a contribution of energy and or raw materials to produce a finished product. The combined efficiencies decrease the energy required to produce a product or service below the actual value (the amount of energy another entity will in general contribute in some form to acquire the product or service). This difference is the energy multiplier and is the newly created wealth. Risk is minimized by the ability of those that contribute energy to obtain records of prior performance of an each individual entity and the entities combined as gestalt entity. It further minimized by the ability to monitor in real time the expenditure of "contributed" energy and actual production of finished goods or services.

What about taxes? There are none. Government "collective" services are purchased like any other product or service from contractors that win contracts based on their efficiency and quality rating. A large majority of government tasks being paperwork

What about wages? Wages are determined by many things but foremost is the amount of energy someone is willing to expend or would have to expend to obtain or perform your service. Also is the amount of invested time or energy required to obtain the capability to produce the product or service.

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