Thousands of plants produce complex chemicals that serve no purpose or provide no functionality to the plants themselves. Applying cause and effect what would be the cause of this? this does not fit the old "survival of the fittest" model. Many of these chemicals are beneficial to the human species. They fit like a key into a lock into some of our receptors. The chance of this occurring randomly in thousands of plants is trillions to one.

 Another thought is who taught human culture specific plants to use for various ailments and disease? What are the chances of this happening by accident especially when many of the plants are bitter and would not be consumed for food? Furthermore some require a somewhat elaborate method of extraction? Earlier cultures had no understanding as to the cause of disease which was often attributed to spirits.

You can derive from what we know as fact that there was intelligence behind the design of these plants and there is purpose. You can speculate as to what or who created the design of these plants.


If say the extraterrestrials came along tomorrow and offered us knowledge to eliminate disease. Would we do it and eliminate a big chunk of the economy built on treating the symptoms of disease?

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