Ginkgo Reverses Memory Loss in Rats with Experimental Alzheimer's

A study released in the October issue of the journal Life Sciences indicates Ginkgo biloba can protect the brain against changes that lead to impaired memory.

Researchers in Hong Kong treated rats with beta-amyloid for 14 days, a procedure that results in Alzheimers-like changes. After the animals were treated with beta-amyloid, they experienced memory impairment when attempting to negotiate a water maze.

When the animals were treated orally with Ginkgo biloba extract, however, the treatment partially reversed the memory deficit. The researchers concluded that Ginkgo biloba can protect the brain against beta-amyloid and the resulting changes that lead to memory impairment. The study authors believe Ginkgo exerts its benefits through its ability to liberate acetylcholine, a cognitive enhancing neurotransmitter.

Tang F, Nag S, Shiu S, Pang S. The effects of melatonin and Ginkgo biloba extract on memory loss and choline acetyltransferase activities in the brain of rats infused intracerebroventricularly with beta-amyloid 1-40. Life Sci. 2002 Oct 18;71(22):2625.  

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