Liquid Colostrum Enhanced Immune Response to Ultra-Fractionated Colostrum
February 2001

by Helen E. Watt, MD, MPH
Colostrum is the first secretion produced by all mammals for the feeding of their newborns. Unlike mature or ‘late' milk, colostrum is only produced by the mammary glands for the first 48 to 60 hours following delivery. Colostrum is a thick, nutrient-dense liquid that is rich in immunologically active compounds, including growth factors, immunoglobulins, and cytokines. Together, with an assortment of enzymes, proteins, and peptides, these colostral agents play a critical role in the health and survival of the newborn.

Passive Immunity

Prior to birth, the fetus is totally dependent on its mother for protection from infection: the mother's placenta filters out most infectious agents and her liver and kidneys protect the developing child from toxins. The placenta also filters most antibodies before they can transfer to the baby. The result is that, following partition (birth), the newborn essentially enters the world unprotected. The baby's liver is new to detoxification, and the lack of prior direct exposure to allergens and other agents of disease results in the infant coming into the world with an immature immune system.


Protection is made possible, however, by the transference of immunoglobulins and cytokines contained in colostrum (passive immunity) and (to a much lesser extent) the later milk.


The recent popularity of encapsulated powdered colostrum as a nutritional supplement has come about in large part because of the complications resulting from the overuse of antibiotics. Such overuse results in the development of resistance to the antibiotics and overgrowth of the very "bugs" the antibiotics were developed to counteract. Use of colostrum has been shown to shorten the course of viral infections, speed wound healing, alleviate diarrhea (even from fungal and protozoan pathogens), improve the body's response to bacterial toxins,1 enhance bone formation, and activate macrophages in neonates, the elderly and others who may be suffering from immuno-depression.2 Colostrum has even prevented damage to the stomach lining caused by aspirin and NSAIDS like Motrin and Advil.3


The finding that reduced peptides maintain their biological activity led to the development of an ultra-fractionated colostral whey product called ImmuneSource. ImmuneSource is a processed liquid derived from the ultra-fractionation of organic bovine colostrum. This novel supplement differs in composition from colostrum in that it has no component heavier than a molecular weight of 50,000 Daltons (50kD). ImmuneSource has been found to be effective in treating viral and bacterial infections, allergies, and wounds of various origins, as well as chronic autoimmune disease, diarrhea, and other disease states.

ImmuneSource Safe for Those with Milk Allergies

The small volume of proteins (3mg/ml) and the small amount of lactose (30mg/ml) in ImmuneSource reduces the potential for milk sensitivity essentially to zero in those who are allergic to milk. Furthermore, Lefranc, et. al. found that the cause of milk allergies was due to the IgG component in 36% of the patients tested. Thus, the potential for allergic reactions to ImmuneSource is further allayed by the fact that there is no IgG in the formula.4

Personal Experience with ImmuneSource

The remainder of this article relates to my personal experience and that of my patients with this most amazing product. I now use ImmuneSource as the antiviral treatment of choice for such problems as fever blisters of the lips, canker sores, herpes stomatis, myringitis, shingles (herpes zoster) and "pink eye." Other skin conditions that respond well to ImmuneSource include acne and rosacea.

I have my patients apply ImmuneSource topically as well as sublingually (SL). I suggest they place one tsp. under the tongue and/or swish in mouth for five minutes and then swallow it, four times daily. Also, I suggest they apply a small amount to the affected area of the skin or lip by tapping it until it dries. For unknown reasons, rubbing does not elicit the same speed of response.

For eye or ear infections, I recommend five to eight drops in the ear canal, or two drops in the affected eye. Swimmer's ear, due to bacteria, fungus or both, is treated by application of ImmuneSource into the ear canal. Gentle "tragal pumping" (i.e., pushing on the small piece of cartilage at the front of the ear) can result in rapid healing within 24 hours. Sore throats are treated with one tsp. SL for 5 minutes with intermittent gargling for several minutes, four times a day.

Diabetic skin ulcers of the lower leg or foot need cleaning with soap and water, thorough drying, then application, by tapping ImmuneSource onto the ulcer. Let it air dry. Do this as often as necessary to keep the wound from weeping and crusting. Any debridement of scabs and dead tissue will still be needed.

Early rashes of most any origin will be treated topically and SL. Poison ivy rash responds dramatically. However, be careful not to spread the vesicular serum while tapping it on.

A baby who was allergic to his mother's own breast milk was desperately clawing at his rashes and getting more irritable by the second, until the placement of ImmuneSource into his mouth, one cc at a time, and tapping it on all of the rashes. The infant calmed down and the rash disappeared within three minutes.

Cuts, abrasions, and puncture wounds also heal quickly after appropriate antiseptic cleansing, air-dry, then tapping ImmuneSource on, or by pouring it into the puncture site. Even intraoral traumatic wounds respond quickly to this fractionate of colostrum. For example, one 8-month-old female snagged a small banana hair clip onto the superior pole of the right tonsil (Ouch!). It was removed by the babysitter, but left a tear in the soft palate. The baby cried incessantly for the 5 hours it took before her working parents brought her in. She refused to eat or drink anything, due to the pain. ImmuneSource was placed into her mouth, which she promptly gargled to prevent swallowing. Within one minute, she stopped crying. I asked the parents to continue the ImmuneSource, one cc at a time, until five cc had been given. This was followed four times a day for one to two days (we wanted to have it kept around the mouth, and she was feeling well enough to swallow it after the first dose.)

Diarrhea is also very responsive to ImmuneSource. In third world countries, where mothers often bring in their infants comatose secondary to dehydration and hypovolemia, just pouring ImmuneSource into the child's mouth can often cause cessation of the diarrhea.

For other infectious diseases like acute bronchitis and sinusitis, I recommend one teaspoon sublingually, four times daily. For those rare individuals for whom swallowing ImmuneSource causes nausea, I recommend it be used sublingually for five minutes, and then spit out. As with any regimen, the sooner one begins the dosing, the more quickly the return to health. Depending on the severity of the infection, I also sometimes recommend other adjunctive immune-stimulating/anti-infective supplements, such as several grams of Vitamin C, garlic, Mild Silver Protein, or Thymic Protein A.

Other Uses of ImmuneSource

To decrease bleeding during surgery and to lessen edema and speed healing, I use ImmuneSource before and after operations. It also seems to diminish pain, and scars are greatly improved in appearance. The severity of backaches and joint pains also often diminish when ImmuneSource is used sublingually five to six times a day. Appropriate measures must be taken to relieve the concerned areas of their original traumatic causes. Traumatic tendonitis and bursitis, and pulled ligaments also are greatly helped by the sublingual use of ImmuneSource.


ImmuneSource is a powerful therapeutic substance for a number of conditions. It appears to induce a more powerful immune response by the body than colostrum. This is not only because of the relatively higher amounts of growth factors, cytokines, and immune modulators contained in ImmuneSource, but also because of the smaller molecular sizes of these components, resulting in greater bioavailability, faster absorption, and more complete response.

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