There is no cure for disease, but there is a solution, the end of disease
by Richard Thomas Gerber

There is no cure for disease, but there is something better, a solution that could mean the end of disease. When we correct conditions and imbalances we find associated with disease  bodily dysfunction the problem often goes away. Not all the conditions and imbalances exist in the body, some exist outside of the body in our environment and societal systems.

There is in general, no specific single cause of a disease because a multitude of factors or sub system failures, or data corruption can give rise to a condition we label with a disease name. There is no specific single factor associated with a disease but a multitude of factors. There may be some higher level subsystem failures directly attributable to a specific disease label. A number of chemicals are needed for a chemical reaction or process, if any are missing from the point of reaction within a process the entire process fails, and if this failure occurs repeatedly it causes failures of higher level system processes and even entire organs and finally the body.

A cure would require altering the bodies’ physiology, physics, and manipulating natural chemical pathways and molecular processing. Some drugs may be able to do this and eliminate or alleviate the symptoms, they may create an artificial correction of an imbalance however they are not native compounds in the natural systems and there are no natural controls to maintain the dynamic balance between other processes and the supporting chemical compounds as well as the complex chemical reactions they may affect of disrupt.

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Drugs could never be a cure

Some drugs may cause irreversible damage or interference with other subsystems. This is not to say that in some special situations or in a life threatening emergency that certain drugs cannot prevent or circumvent complete system failure and as such should always be taken into consideration with a detail understanding of how they function at the molecular level, as well as the other compounds and systems they may interact or interfere with.

Anyone that has ever watched drug commercials or read the material that comes with their prescriptions has seen the numerous side effects that sometimes are worse or more damaging in the long term than the condition that is being treated. A side effect is a nice word for damage and disruption to various systems in the body and the chemical processing associated with them. Quite often the “side effects” are feedback and signals from the body that that normal processing is being disrupted and causing the body to malfunction.

The Solution

The best approach is to eliminate the conditions associated with disease which also enhance the performance of the body so that it can meet the demands of its environment. Especially when the environment is often not natural, contains synthetic molecules or and imbalance cause by industries. Food is a label we use for packaged chemicals, the raw material needed by the body and it is important that it meet the design requirements of the human biochemical machine. These compounds and elements that correct imbalance would be synergistic compounds. In other words they naturally fit into the biological processes and there there is bio logic to handle excess if needed.

There are certain biochemical conditions associated with diseases. The conditions can be eliminated and amazingly the disease condition often disappears. This includes about 50 human genetic diseases caused by defective enzymes can be remedied or ameliorated through high-dose nutrient therapy, which at least partially restores defective enzyme activity. Read: Genetic Need for High-Dose Vitamins

One cannot technically eliminate the fact that a shortage of say vitamin C is going to cause various metabolic pathways to malfunction; certain chemical reactions will fail to take place. Eventually leading to things like the hardening of the arteries etc. so I guess we are justified in saying there is no cure for disease.

If ATP (the bodies energy molecule) is not bound to magnesium it will fire off at random, not as part of a cell function, wasting energy, which results in system wide malfunction putting stress on repair mechanisms which may also fail. There is no cure for the fact that the magnesium is needed in adequate amounts to support the volume of chemical transactions that need to occur; the only solution is to make sure there is an adequate supply of magnesium to meet the biological processing demands, then there is no disease to cure. That 85% of the population is deficient in magnesium must be a major contributing factor to the unnecessary cost burdens related to disease which increase everyone’s taxes.

To be fair in a general sense we could argue the cause of disease is imbalance, and the cure for disease is correcting the imbalance which requires awareness and application of the knowledge and understanding of the systems. Unless you were able to rewrite the foundation of physics and chemistry there could technically be no cure for a specific disease.

BOGUS Endeavors

The ramifications of this are that all the “search for a cure” humanitarian efforts are for the most part bogus. There is in general no single cause of a disease. Most seek to create a synthetic molecule or treatment that will later be sold at a nice profit back to the people. So basically your donations are funding pharmaceutical research. If ones intention is to find a monopoly owned artificial solution which translates to profitable, then the optimum low profit treatment or solution will not be entertained.

From a systems design perspective the human body is not flawed and there is nothing to be fixed. What is flawed is the perception and understanding of the men of medical science.

So there is a solution to disease, which involves a multitude of disease factors that need to be addressed to end disease, there is not a single fix, not a single nutrient, not a single drug or treatment. The end of disease requires a holistic approach because it is not just doctors, but farmers, manufacturers, processors and others that need to be involved.

Elements of Disease

  1. Disease is simply a system failure or malfunction due to an out of balance condition.
  2. Disease is also linked to environmental imbalance so there is that which external that needs be accommodated or corrected and brought into balance.
  3. The quality of produce and soil in which is grown is also a factor in disease.
  4. The production, harvesting, and processing of the raw materials needed by the body, that which we label as food is also a factor in disease. Factory farming for high profit is an element in disease.
  5. The mind and its influence on biochemical processes is also a factor in disease. Which means spirituality and well being of the mind. The body affects the mind and the mind affects the body.
  6. Society and its policies, infrastructure and system design are also a factor in disease stress for example increases cortisol production which shuts down the immune system. A nation under stress is setting itself up for plague and pandemic.

In Summary

In a sense although there is no single cure for disease there is a plurality of cure for disease, which is a broad spectrum, massive undertaking one of understanding and holistic integration and application and this is the solution leading to the end of disease.

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