Search engine positioning is an art, a science and an on-going battle. A necessary battle if you are to attract traffic to your site. Nothing can guarantee you a high ranking listing in a search engine short of purchasing key words. You can however increase the probability of a high ranking in search engines with a lot of effort. Getting listed with good ranking in search engines involves many tasks:

  • researching keywords used in search engines
  • analyzing the structure of top ranking pages
  • maintaining fresh content to keep the spiders visiting regularly
  • changing the order and nature of words used in your meta tags description and title
  • special wording of the content to increase the number of  main keywords  used in the content
  • increasing the number of external links to your site to increase relevancy and site importance (we can get you over 300 links to your site for $300.00)
  • and much more


If you not having much luck with your listing or lack the time to do it properly perhaps we can help. E-mail us for more info


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