Typical Web promotion Service Package might include:


A) Industry specific metatag, keyword usage, and title analysis and development.

1. analyze meta tags, titles, keyword usage in the current top 15 ranking pages in the six primary search engines.

2. review search phrases (word order, word combination) being used by people related to site topics


B) Industry specific metatag, keyword usage, and title development based on step (A) research.

1. develop 12 meta tag "description" variations

2. develop 12 meta tag "keyword" variations

3. develop 12 title section variations

4. develop 12 general page content "keyword usage" and "topic" variations (for bridge pages)


A) Research industry related value added information that can be added to site

1. Compile/Prepare/Create 3 VAI sections for placement on site



A) Compile list of 6 - 12 listserv (mailing lists) with target audience participants

1. Purchase advertising if available in this list

2. Participate in discussions adding value to discussions and leading participants to site


A) Review and recommend 6 banner add placement programs

1. Place banner adds (purchase now applets) and measure response based on web site statistic log

a) Review monthly and change ads, programs based on response

2. Purchase "keyword" triggers at various searches portals


A) Locate industry (target audience) related web Rings

1. Locate competitor and complimentary product and service sites to develop closed Web Ring to isolate navigators from other (outside ring) competitors and sites.

2. Develop section of site for participation in web rings

3. Join web rings

4. Monitor effectiveness

VI. A) Review site paths being followed, dead pages, exit pages, entrance pages, most visited pages (site statistic log)

    1. Recommend adjustments to site based upon section (VI.A) review.
    2. Review keywords used on entrance pages
    3. Develop site stickers for exit pages

VII.  A) Locate industry related, topic information, and complimentary sites and initiate reciprocal link discussion and implementation.

1. Query search engines on related topics, subject areas, and extract e-mails addresses.
2. E-mail Non-profit and .org sites that will provide links, banners for donation.
3. Add links to reciprocal links page, verify addition of complimentary reciprocal links monthly.
4. Review traffic produced from reciprocal link sites, drop sites locate new ones.

VIII.  A) Search engine listings and Internet directories

    1. Submit with proven optimum title and descriptions
    2. Verify ranking in engines monthly – resubmit
    3. Create sub-sites (different domain names) with links to primary sites to increase search engine relevancy
    4. Develop topical bridge pages to primary site.

VIIII.    Develop special add "identifying" link program to determine effectiveness and response of conventional media advertising and promotion.

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