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This page will be updated to reflect our new focus on streaming video advertising and placement. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

The Web Registry is an International database of web sites looking for reciprocal links and or selling banner space,  advertising , and sponsorships.

The primary reason we exist is to promote and support the development of valuable content on the Internet and facilitate relationships between commercial web sites for the purpose of sharing traffic and generating new traffic.

The other reason we exist is to provide a search engine based on a well organized and structured database that delivers web sites with a defined purpose and features specific content on your subject of interest. Unlike other search engines that return a glut of unrelated links our search engine will save you time and eliminate the headache of searching through hundreds of pages to find what your looking for.

There are many providers of valuable content on the Internet but no one to write a pay check for their economic contribution. The Web Registry is changing that.

No site is to small! You may have a site featuring content for cat owners with only 100 hits per day, yet your site is very valuable to someone that wants to communicate a message to cat owners.

The purpose of this system is to:

  • link marketing professionals and advertising agencies with content developers

  • provide information on rates, availability, contacts, and options

  • provide information on audience demographics and traffic volume

  • categorically define content and subject matter and provide search and query capabilities

  • provide an  automated  system to facilitate related transactions

  • provide a system to aid in the delivery and maintenance of advertising content

  • build relationships and links between web sites that wish to share and increase traffic by providing reciprocal links

  • provide a well organized search engine that delivers

List Your Site and Start Generating Revenue and or Traffic

Convey Your Message or Ad Banner  via Thousands of Web Sites

Link With Other Related Web Sites and Share Traffic


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