Why did we pick Vitamin Research Products for our clients?  How did we qualify VRP?

 #1 they provide most formulas in capsules, not tablets, which are much easier to swallow and do not have fillers and binders, which some can be allergic to and can sometimes pass through the intestine with all the nutrients not being absorbed.

  1. 31 years experience and we have never seen much if any advertising and assume it is mostly word of mouth. This means the cost of extensive advertising is not passed on to you.
  2.  They are a pharmaceutical-grade manufacturer selling direct to the consumer no middle man markups or the overhead of a retail store added to the product.
  3.  They are not only a manufacturer they are a leader in anti-aging science and nutritional research. They have a staff of doctors, scientists, and research that are knowledgeable about body chemistry.
  4.  They offer the products that are on the cutting edge of biomedical research they will often be 6 12 months ahead of others.
  5.  They spend countless hours, poring through hundreds of journals and research abstracts, who else on the planet is doing this?
  6.  They have a Quality Control Department using state-of-the-art, high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) equipment, in conjunction with a unique, landmark alliance with the Biochemistry Department, University of Nevada, Reno (UNR).
  7.  Quality assurance check points are built into the entire process, including issuance of raw materials, blending and mixing for uniform dispersion, encapsulation for accurate fill weight, and ensuring the proper capsule count in each bottle. All these check points guarantee that what's indicated on the label, matches the content of the bottle."
  8.  They excel in the design and manufacturing of advanced, high quality formulas not always found in the store.
  9.  The ratios of formula components emulate the ratios found in our food in nature; the B vitamins are not all 50 mg.
  10.  They avoid the use of fillers and binders for most of their products using an advanced process to combine the components together in pure powder form. They exclusively uses V-Caps, plant-based capsules that are inherently safer than beef gelatin-derived capsules; runs short manufacturing cycles with quality control testing to maintain maximum efficacy. Fillers and binders in many cheaper vitamins can prohibit or impair breakdown and release of the active compounds. Fillers and binders can in some cases contribute to allergies in some people.
  11.  They maintain a library of information accessible to the public
  12.  They offer nutritional consultation
  13.  You can submit questions to doctors for free.
  14.  They help doctors to establish their own anti-aging clinic within your existing practice and this will lower our taxes and health care costs.
  15.  In a comparative study of 232 companies they scored 93.1 % with 80% being commendable less than 1% of the 1000 products were able to surpass this benchmark. Which means some companies may not be selling what they claim to be.
  16. Their service and delivery has always been excellent.

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